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Postby sgould » Tue Dec 18, 2007 8:54 pm

We at taut the necessity of backing up your data on your hard drive on a regular basis and certainly before using a new version of CleanUp! for the first time on any machine. We know your data (and disk space) is valuable to you, even if it is accidentally stored in temporary or as stored (cached) files. In the past, many of you have asked the best way to back up your files. We've responded with various tips and helpful ideas both in the CleanUp! FAQs and the discussion forums. But still, backing up your data can be a chore.

So, here's your "plan B". We have teamed up with Carbonite to provide you with the option of automatic backups of as much or as little of your hard drive as you want.

Our software rids your system of excess files, but if they are stored in a temp directory or in cache (highly likely if it was an e-mail attachment), then it likely will be deleted. This is by design, as many unnecessary files are stored in these directories by the mere fact that they were downloaded or accessed online, and they hog your disk space.

Here's what Carbonite can do:
    - Back up your files off site;
    - Back up files automatically and continuously;
    - Implement a comprehensive and inexpensive backup solution;
    - Protect all of your files;
    - Provide you with piece of mind with unlimited backup of all your files for the low price of only $49.95 per year, no matter how much you need to backup.

Still not sure? You can sign up and try Carbonite for free for 15 days.

The and Carbonite team provide you with a comprehensive way to cleanse your hard drive of unnecessary data while ensuring your content is safely backed up in the unlikely event that a valuable file was saved in a temporary or cache directory. Never risk losing any of your valuable files - back them up today.
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