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Updated forum software - improved anti-spam controls

Postby sgould » Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:44 pm

For regular visitors here you may have noticed recently an new look-and-feel to the forums. I have updated the underlying phpBB software to the latest version. Amongst other things this includes improved anti-spam controls. Now newly registered users are more heavily restricted than regular more established users. While this may not prevent spam altogether it should help reduce the amount of mess and "damage" caused by such users - and make it quicker and easier to clean up.

As a result of this update I have relaxed some of the previously imposed restrictions for established users. Except for newly registered users you can now post once every three minutes or so - as opposed to the once an hour limit before. So please spend some time looking through the posts and helping out fellow of your favorite utilities.

Thanks, as always for your support.


Steven Gould
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