CleanUp! 4.5 **Feature Request**

For discussion about the latest beta software for CleanUp! 4.5. Since this beta test program is now over, this forum has been locked. It will be kept here for a short time for reference purposes.

CleanUp! 4.5 **Feature Request**

Postby phaT-X » Tue Dec 06, 2005 2:05 am

If at all possible... please make "CleanUp!" compatible with "Windows XP Pro x64 Bit Edition" operating systems... I can tell you that CleanUp! v4.0 definitely is NOT compatible with the x64 Bit version of XP.. I tried it out because I used to use it on Windows XP Pro (32 Bit) and paid dearly for it.. (aka: reformat)..

Windows XP Pro x64 Bit has a few extra folders that Windows XP Pro does'nt.. for example, it has "2" program files folders, one is "Program Files" and the other is "Program Files (x86)" .. it also has a few extra folders in the C:\Windows directory.. one being the "SysWOW64" folder, which "CleanUp! 4.0" totally deleted it's contents .. lol? The "SysWOW64" folder is the x64 Bit version of the "System32" folder.. Windows XP Pro x64 Bit has "both" the System32 and SysWOW64 folders.. it also has a "msagent64" and "msagent" folders...

Other than the few extra folders, x64 Bit technology, and a few extra enhancements .. it's basically just like Windows XP Pro (32 Bit).. tho it runs applications faster.

If you've g0t anyway to produce a version of "CleanUp! 4.5" to work with "Windows XP Pro x64" .. let me know, currently I have 3 PC's running the x64 Bit operating systems.. and have one dedicated for beta testing.. so if any corruption occurs, it's no big deal.

Thanks :wink:
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Postby sgould » Tue Dec 06, 2005 10:21 pm

Thanks for the information and the offer of help beta testing. Unfortunately I do not have a copy of any 64-bit Windows so cannot run any tests myself.

Would you mind installing and running - in demo mode only - CleanUp! 4.5 with the log file option enabled? Then posting/sending me the log. It would help if you could also identify which files should not be deleted by CleanUp! and I'll see if I can pinpoint where/when the problems are occurring. Also if you could start CleanUp! then go to the About dialog and click on System Info., then send me the output of that too. That should help.


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