CleanUp! 4.5 Beta 4 release

For discussion about the latest beta software for CleanUp! 4.5. Since this beta test program is now over, this forum has been locked. It will be kept here for a short time for reference purposes.

CleanUp! 4.5 Beta 4 release

Postby sgould » Sun Jun 19, 2005 2:48 pm

The CleanUp! 4.5 beta 4 release is now available for download from:

Please note that this page is not accessible from the main CleanUp! web site,
so you must use the above link.

For a complete list of What's New with this release, refer to:

Please take a few moments to review this.

Known Bugs
* Under Windows XP and using Office 2003, selecting the "Scan local drives for temporary files" with the file specification "*.BAK" included will require that you restore/reinstall a file before next using Office 2003.
* Under 64-bit Windows XP, CleanUp! appears to run fine, but actually deletes needed system files. Be sure you have a full backup of all files before trying this.

To help keep track of feedback and possible bugs, please post any questions, comments or feedback regarding this beta release to the CleanUp! 4.5 Beta forum and not to any of the other forums.


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