nice program, a few problems.

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nice program, a few problems.

Postby bihsku » Sun Mar 12, 2006 7:39 pm

There are items listed numerically in the "Index.dat Spy" file menu. Where are the contents of the list stored? I want to clear the list and/or be able to edit it. Plus, how is this list useful? All the items on the list are named index.dat and therefore I can't tell one item from another.

the drop-down file menu looks like this:

Open... Ctrl+0
Find index.dat files...
1 index.dat
2 index.dat
3 index.dat
4 index.dat
5 index.dat

Another question:

Index.dat Spy gives ALL of the .dat files on my computer an icon specific to the IndexDatSpy program. (All of the .dat files, not just the index.dat files!) And if I look at the properties of any .dat file, I see: "opens with: Index Dat Spy Application". This is rather annoying, intrusive, and seems unnecessary. The only way I have found to get rid of the icons is to uninstall the application and reboot.

Why does the program do this? How can I reset these files, so they show their original icons, and so they show their original "opens with:" applications?
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