Very Poor Results; Uninstall Didn't Work

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Very Poor Results; Uninstall Didn't Work

Postby WordsMyth43 » Wed Jan 18, 2006 12:44 am

I tried IndexSpyDat last night, based on a quite favorable, brief review in a long-trusted IT information source. The results were extremely disappointing (i.e., useless), as follows:

• The program did not provide the information promised, but totally useless "generic label" info [rather than specific information about index.dat file contents, it showed hundreds of index.dat file entries described as "BAD FOOD Files" ("... files with numerous BA FO and OD entries ... ") or as "HASH Files"]. NONE of the entries indicated anything specific or identifiable about any website.

• The Uninstall with the program download did not work, and left the program exe file ("IndexDatSpy.exe") in the Index Dat Spy program file folder, and several entries in the registry ... which were also not removable, even in RegEdit.

While others have apparently had better luck with the program, my experience was abysmal. I eventually reverted to DOS commands to remove the program file and it's directory, after which (as I suspected) I was able to remove the registry entries using RegEdit.

I'm running an Intel PII, 266 mHz system with 256 MB of SDRAM under Win98SE OS. I've seldom had any such difficulty with such 3rd party ware.

I hadn't planned to spend an hour or so cleaning up a mess for no benefit. I hope my experience was an anomaly ... but I won't be downloading or using other material from this source.

Have any others had such unfortunate experiences with IndexDatSpy?
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