a little assistance, please?

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a little assistance, please?

Postby bushido » Sat Oct 15, 2005 10:31 am

First, my computer knowledge and skill is, in comparison to the people here, about like a gnat. However, I do like keeping my computer clean. It's a newer HP laptop running XP Pro, sp2. It was handed to me recently by the IT guy at work. Apparently I can get a around in my "area" after I log in but there is also the "administrator" area, too, that I am denied access to.

So, I see Private Eye, install it, run it.. and it's blank. Nothing. Seems to run fine but there is nothing in the tree view field. This isn't normal, is it? Is the protected area inaccessible if I'm not logged in as the administrator?

Sorry for the questions (see the Cleanup forum, too!) but I'd really like to get a handle on this stuff.
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Postby sgould » Mon Oct 17, 2005 9:20 am

It is possible that the administrator has locked down much of this, but I doubt it because some applications still need to access it.

A quick way to tell is using Internet Explorer, go to any web site that requires/allows you to type in text - like a user name and password, or search text. Try going to http://www.yahoo.com for example. Type in some search text - anything - and press Enter. Go back there and type in some more search text - anything else, but make it different.

If you go back to the Yahoo! search text box and double click, does it drop-down a list of your recent search texts? If so, you have Auto Complete turned on - these entries *do* get stored in protected storage. If you don't see the previous search texts, then go into IE Options and find where to turn on AutoComplete and repeat the above steps.

Close Internet Explorer - just to be sure. Now run Private Eye. You should see Internet Explorer listed in the left-hand window, and once you expand the entries there, you should eventually find the search text you just entered.

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