About To Install CleanUp for first time

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About To Install CleanUp for first time

Postby Stoney » Tue Feb 05, 2008 7:29 am

it was suggested to me by my computer technician to install CleanUp to hopefully regain lost space on my C drive. However while CleanUp looks like a simple enough program to run,am unsure which version I should install as many of them seem to have some issues with them.It also suggests backing up my harddrive.Is backing up just important programs enough?Or should I also backup personal photos etc I have on my partitioned drive D?
I'm using windows xp pro.
Looking through the various threads in this section i've noticed a few people have run into some problems.
The reason I lost the space was due to incorrectly(evidentally) deleting a program I thought I didn't really need anymore.
My tenchnician suggested installing and running CleanUp may help get the space back.
If anyone can help and needs anymore info relating to my situation please let me know.Thanks :)
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