Cleanup 4.0 and WinXP - Cleanup deleted PSP files

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Cleanup 4.0 and WinXP - Cleanup deleted PSP files

Postby sheilaD » Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:38 pm

I have been running Cleanup.exe for a long time on several different computers. Currently running version 4.0 on a WIndows XP pc. On a normal basis, I let Cleanup run thru only disk c: but I did let it clear temporary files (with this list: *.*~, *.bak, *.chk, *.tmp, index.dat). My hard drive is partitioned into several other logical drives, but I normally do not bother clearing them because they are mostly for storage. Last week, as I was running Cleanup, I got distracted with another problem (telephone problem) and let Cleanup run thru all of my partitions.
When I came back to the computer, I saw in the log that Cleanup had deleted a LOT of my PaintShop Pro files ... .psptubes and .pspscripts for the most part. Not all of them, though, mostly ones dated before 2010.
Anyone have ANY idea why this would have happened???????
Meanwhile, I have disabled the clear temporary files function.
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