Deleting the Foobar2000 index.dat file... Not advised?

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Deleting the Foobar2000 index.dat file... Not advised?

Postby dionisiog » Wed May 05, 2010 4:37 am

I am a Foobar2000 user and I recently started experimenting with your software.
I chose the standard mode of cleanup and also added the standard list of temp files which your software scans for across all accessible drives.

This allows the cleanup software to delete the Foobar2000 index.dat file.

I don't know if this is an advisable file to delete as I have had some rather strange things happen when I opened my Foobar software today. I am thinking that the cause of these problems might lie in my deletion of the index.dat file that Foobar2000 has. Of note, I have my software programed for resume play, and perhaps Foobar is storing related information in the index.dat file. Foobar appeared to be playing a music selction from another out of date session and not the album which I had previously loaded. It also seemed to be ignoring my preferred playback style choices.

I am far from expert regarding these details and I have posted this situation on the official Foobar2000 support forum, so this is only a heads up for users that might be affected by pairing these 2 softwares together on the settings which I chose.

I also noticed that the Panda USB vaccine icon apeared to be lost on reloading Windows by choosing this setting, and I received a warning in regards to that from Panda and WIndows as a new session was started.

I like your software but it does appear that some descretion is called for by the user, and I find myself thinking that a place to add folder exceptions might be useful to avoid such incompatibilities. And while these problems are 'technically' only annoying I find myself wondering about problems which I might be creating of a more serious nature that I am unaware of by choosing such easily referenced options.

Thanks again and good luck with your programming work.
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