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Persistent unwanted dialogue box.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 06, 2010 12:23 am
by JOHN6
Today I have downloaded windows cleaner 5.2. It has already cleaned up my computer with the custom cleanup setting OK, but the main reason that I downloaded the installation was to get rid of an irritating pop up dialogue box which HP placed on my Dell computer using XP. I have been to the edge of the world to delete this dialogue box but up it pops every time I start my computer and I dont need it because my printer works fine. The dialogue box says: $(SPOOL 2D DRIVE) HPW5hei.hlp.file. Do you want us to find it or do you want to find it yourself. The windows delete drop down menu will not delete it because HP is a trusted site. HP advised me to install windows cleaner and I would see HP error or popup error. Click on the name of the HP error and remove. Could anyone tell me how to locate a single item like this to delete it using windows cleaner or am I missing an obvious point somewhere.
Your help would be appreciated I've lived with it for six months!
John 6