Help, I accidently started to run cleanup...

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Help, I accidently started to run cleanup...

Postby Chewie » Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:05 pm

Based on this post:

Question in above listed post: I mistakenly ran cleanup before I knew there were options to chose.I haven't rebooted yet. Is there a way to stop this progam before I reboot and lose everything.

Answer: I hope you found that you could click Cancel at any time. If anything you wanted was unintentionally deleted then you can use tools such as Restoration to retrieve the files.

I pressed cancel because I saw downloaded files being removed that I didn't wanted deleted. I have not re booted. How does one use "Restoration" to hopefully recover what has been deleted? Because the files I did see being deleted are gone from where they were on my drive. I'm too impatient to search posts and not very DOS savvy. If there is a post more specific post than the one I listed I'd be pleased to get the post address or have things explained for a dummy like me. Thank you for listening Chewie. :D[/i]
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