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Windows Hard Disk CleanUp worked.

Postby PaulWin98SE » Mon Oct 27, 2008 2:27 am

I have a number of commerial and freeware programs which do disk cleanup. Up to now, they did just fine. Using different ones differnet times. When I got desparate I would look for files and delete them by hand.

The problem I have is my C drive is only 2 Gb (origially 1.2 Gb) And Windows constantly fills the drive up with junk. But I can't always tell what is needed to be kept. I moved as many of the intalled programs as I can to other drives d-m. (The d drive is now the 1.2 Gb)

Yesterday my anti-virus software couldn't find enough disk space on C drive to intall it daily update. So I searched for specialty Windows disk cleanup program. (Since the current programs I had were not up task or not to my likeing as to what would be deleted.

I installed CleanUp in one of my other drives (partitions, since there are only two real drives. 1.2 Gb & 20 Gb, 10 partitions.) Not in the C drive program files.

Made my option selections, customized it (not to delete cookies. Since I already have a program that does this selectively.)

Ran the demo, checked the results. I only wanted it to do C drive. Which it seemed to have only done anyway. The results looked OK. Since I have a back up of my C drive on a DVD and an external hard drive. And had other backup boot disks if need be.

Ran the program, seemed to have deleted few files than the demo said. I didn't think to write down the numbers. So I'm not hunderd per-cent sure. But I seem to remember the demo said 114 Mb. But it only actually deleted 40 mb. I don't know.

But the 40 mb was enough. I was able re-run the anti-virus update.
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