Feature request: After scan individual file selection.

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Feature request: After scan individual file selection.

Postby PaulWin98SE » Mon Oct 27, 2008 1:34 am

Currently the install allows for runing either CleanUp Demo Mode or the the actual program.

The first time the program runs it offers the demo mode.

What would be a nice touch, is to have it do the "demo" scan first, and then with check boxes either uncheck all or check all. And then with uncheck all the user would check only the files wanted deleted. Which check all, would uncheck files not to delete. Then select delete. Also have the option of placings the deleted files in the recycle bin. With the understanding the disk space will not be free until the bin is empty.

The demo scan wouldn't be needed as such any more. One would simply choose what to delete or not. Keeping all the other current options. And adding other needed options/selections later, as shown useful.

With very large number of files being deleted, one might not think this is a good idea. But all one would have to do is not uncheck the files and let the program delete them as usual.
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